St Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church, formerly known as Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Miami, welcomes you! Being one of its kind cultural and historical phenomena, our church has become the center of Ukrainian culture throughout South Florida from West Palm Beach to Key West.


April 5 (Friday)
7 pm– Prayers Service

April 7 (Sunday)
9.30am -Confession
10 am – -ANNUNCIATION of St. MARY. Divine Liturgy

April 12 (Friday)
7 pm- Prayers Service

April 14 (Sunday)
9.30 am -Confession
10 am – Divine Liturgy

April 19 (Friday)
7 pm– Prayers Service

April 21 (Sunday)
9.30am -Confession
10 am – PALM SUNDAY. Divine Liturgy

April 25 (Holy Thursday)
7 pm -Liturgy of St. Basil with Vespers. Passion Service (Strastny), reading of the Twelve Gospels

April 26 (Good Friday)

7 pm -Vespers and placing of Holy Shroud in the Tomb

April 27 (Holy Saturday)
11 pm ––Reading of the Acts of the Apostles. Procession and Resurrection Matins. DIVINE LITURGY. CHRIST IS RISEN!!! After liturgy-blessing of Paskal foods

April 28 (Holy Sunday)
9-10am -Confession
10am – CHRIST IS RISEN! EASTER.DIVINE LITURGY followed by the blessing of Paskal foods

April 29 (Bright Monday)
10 am —Divine Liturgy

April 30 (Bright Tuesday)
10 am —Divine Liturgy

                                                                                                                                  Priest Mykhailo Fedorak

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